2018 Baseball Program Overview and Expections



The athletes will need to make sure their Physical Card is in (green-Freshmen/Jr or yellow-Soph/Sr.)


This needs to be filled out by student AND parent.

Athletic Permission Forms – Completed by both student AND parent/guardian




Game Day/Practice Apparel-Order Deadline MONDAY, March 5TH (NOON)

This includes your game hat, under shirt, and socks.


Monday, March 19th and Tuesday, March 20th. If inside we have the 8-10 pm/Stevens Gym time slot. If outside, 5-7:15 pm location to TBD.

Players should dress appropriate, hat, long sleeves, sweatpants/baseball pants, tennis shoes/baseball cleats.

If cuts are made players will be notified on Tuesday evening


Wednesday, March 21st starts normal practices. If inside from 8-10 PM 


The baseball program has the 6-8 PM time slot.

Outside practices:

– Freshmen will practice right after school from 4-6:00 pm. The freshmen team practices on the West Baseball Field, across from West High School.

– JV-5:15 pm-7:30 pm @ Bowman. Players should find their own transportation for practices/games

-Varsity-5:00 pm-7:15 pm @ Mansfield across from Memorial High School. Players should find their own transportation for practices/games

Some days we may have parts of practice both inside and outside depending on weather and field conditions.  Make sure to have tennis shoes, cleats, and cold weather gear available on a daily basis.

Practice Gear -Team shirt, team hat and sweatpants/baseball pants for practice.

Coaches will communicate with players when it is warm enough for short sleeves outside.

No jewelry. WIAA rule.


At the freshmen level our focus is to teach players skills and fundamentals necessary to be competitive.  We introduced our basic philosophies of hitting, pitching, throwing, fielding, and base-running.  Improvement, both as a team and individual is extremely important. Our goal is to prepare players to compete at the next level. Playing time will not be distributed equally, and is not guaranteed.

At the JV level our focus is to teach players skills and fundamentals necessary to be competitive.  Players will learn how to compete on a more competitive level.  Players will be introduced to higher end skills and drills.  Playing time will not be distributed equally, and is not guaranteed.

At the varsity level players will be able to showcase their skills. We introduce more complicated skills and higher end concepts of baseball.  Players will be expected to perform their roles to the best of their ability in order to help their team to win. Playing time will not be distributed equally, and is not guaranteed.


Freshmen play a 17 game schedule

JV plays 26 games schedule

Varsity plays a 26 games schedule.

First JV/Varsity Game-Tuesday, April 3rd against Beloit

-Players may be moved to a different team at any time during the season based on coaches’ evaluations and team needs. (ex JV to V, FR to JV, V to JV)

All game/practice/bus schedules can be found on the team website

JV and Varsity team needs to find their own ride to Bowman/Mansfield for home games


Just a reminder that everyone is a student athlete.  Players need to take care of their school work to remaining eligible for practices/games.

  1. Come prepared to get better each and every day. Be at all practices at least 10 minutes before practice begins. Cleats on and ready to go when practices officially starts.
  2. Please be prepared to practice outside, dress for the weather.  Always have warm clothes in your bag…cut off sleeves are not allowed.

– Dress like a baseball player: hat on straight, wear game belt, baseball socks/cleats, etc.

  1. Respect the game, your teammates, and coaches

-Treat your teammates how you would want to be treated

-Address coaches by coach (I.E. Coach Reed)

  1. If you can’t make a practice or game, it’s up to the player, not the parents, to contact their coach,please call, text or email your coach as early as possible

-Absences from practice/games will affect playing time and roster status

  1. Represent your school and your team in a positive manner.
  2. HAVE FUN!


  1. Spring Break
  2. Legion-Summer Baseball
  3. Fundraisers


  1. Demonstrate good sportsmanship for all players, coaches, and umpires
  2. Cheer for our team and players. Win with pride, lose with class.
  3. Promote having fun and being a team player with your son.
  4. Cherish the moment, but don’t live through your son.

Player/Parent Concerns: Steps to Resolve a Problem

1.Player meets with their head coach to try and resolve.

  1. Both player and parent meet with their head coach to try and resolve.
  2. Both player and parent meet with their head coach and Coach Greiber to try and resolve.
  3. Both player and parent meet with Coach Greiber and AD to try and resolve.

Coaches will not meet after games to discuss concerns. Players/parents should wait 24 hours to request a meeting.









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