Game summary

OPENING DAY! Today! 2PM start time at Mansfield!

The smell of fresh cut grass.  The crack of the bat.  The roar of the crowd.  The butterflies in all of our stomachs, even though we’ve been here many times before.

This is baseball.  This is the game we love.

This is the season in which we hustle every play.  We don’t get too down when things go bad, we don’t get too up when things go well.  We play.  We study our opponent while we are on the bench, on deck, at the plate, and on the bases.  We anticipate.  We seize opportunity.   We leave it all on the field, and go home knowing we have done our very best, and that we play the game how it is supposed to be played.

“Baseball.  Outsiders see a ball, a bat, maybe a bunch of men playing like boys.  But you and I, we see much more.  We see 9 men on a diamond working together like a fine-tuned machine.  We see the kid who walked into the stadium an unknown, and walked out as a hero.  We see the shower of flash bulbs raining down on the field, as greatness steps to the plate.  We see the hearts of millions stop…as that ball takes flight.  We do the rituals, we avoid the jinxes.  We are the ones that will our teams to victory.  We see how a quarter of an inch can be the difference between a routine fly ball and launching one into the upper deck.  The difference between shutting down the side, and putting the winning run in scoring position.  The difference between agony and glory.  We see the prize, and how every step has a purpose.  Win one game, gain one step on the dream…. Champions of the Big 8*.  And the next step starts now!…..”      –  Tommy Lasorda.

*=  changed for relevance.



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