Game summary

Heart of a lion. 

Thursday night, not so good.   But FRIDAY!!!!! WOWWWWWWWWW.

The Regents faced a tough Beloit Memorial Squad, and really turned things around from their previous performance, winning 10-7.  They showed a lot of character, and even more heart by scoring 8 of their 10 runs with 2 outs.  They plated 5 runs with two out in the 3rd inning, and another 3 runs with two out when the game was on the line, the top of the 7th.  Giving up was not an option for these boys.  Heart of a lion.  Heart of a lion.

In the first West started strong with a single by the 2nd hitter and starting Pitcher Eli Sorensen, a walk by LF Tommy Hill, then an RBI single up the middle by DH Otto Treichel.  The first baseman Donovan O’Flahrity followed with an RBI fielders choice to score Hill.  Charlie Met, the third baseman walked but was caught stealing.  2-0 West.

The bottom of the frame for the host Purple Knights started inauspiciously as far as the Regents were concerned. Leadoff hitter Drew Freitag, their first baseman was walked by Sorensen and was advanced to second by a Sac Bunt by  SS Corbin Ovist, but the throw by Regent Catcher Jacob Rosenburg was low and Ovist was safe.  Trent Porter, the DH for Beloit followed with a single to left that stopped abruptly in the swamp that was the outfield, scooting briefly past Hill for an extra base for each runner.  Catcher Steve Makinen singled to right.  3B Miguel Betancourt struck out and the RF Avery Lewis singled in Beloit’s 4th run.  The next batter, LF Matt Elliot walked, and CF Jeron Coleman flew out to his counterpart Austin Cotharn in center, and the 9th hitter, 2B JD Dixon popped to first.   4-2 Purple Knights.

The top of the second was quiet for the Regents, but the Purple Knights threatened in their half, with a single, and double that was nearly caught by a diving Tommy Hill.  The outfield conditions were so soggy that Hill sunk nearly 3 feet into the quagmire and had to be pulled out by his teammates.  Still 4-2 Beloit.

In the third, the Regents got to two outs quickly, with a flyout by Cotharn and groundout by Sorensen.  Hill walked, but then scored on a double by Otto Treichel.  Donovan O’Flahrity singled, and Charlie Met knocked in Treichel, and John Frehner walked.  Bases loaded for RF Jens Shager, who delivered with a 3RBI double, and was stranded on 2nd after Nate Millmann flew out to Center.  7-4 Regents!

The bottom half of the inning featured a single by Elliot, a double by Coleman, and a double by Dixon to score 2 early runs.  Next batter Freitag had a single down the LF line that Tommy Hill plucked out of the swamp, and threw a strike to the plate to nail Dixon. Ovist flew out to Cotharn and Porter struckout.  7-6 Regents.

The top of the fourth was a quiet one as well, other than a gift single by Hill that was a pop up to shallow center that 3 Purple Knights converged on without making the play. After stealing second, Hill was stuck there.  Still 7-6 Regents.

Bottom of 4.  A single by Catcher Malkinen and a reached on error by Elliot was all the P. Knights could muster. 7-6

Top 5. Regents saw a double by Met off new pitcher Ovist after O’Flahrity flew out to right.  Colin Pulkrabek had come in to pitch in the 4th, and he sacrificed Met to second on a sweet bunt, and Jens Shager, flew out to center.

Bottom 5. Pulkrabek got Dixon to ground out, and their #1 hitter Freitag had a single, and proceeded to steal second.  Ovist flew out to Sorensen who was now in CF, and Porter knocked in Freitag.  Makinen was intentionally walked, and Betancourt flew out to center for the third out.  We’ve got a tie ball game.

In the Regent 6th Pinch Hitter David Grunder struck out,  Cotharn walked, Sorensen flew to right, and Tommy Hill hit into a fielder’s choice for the 3rd out.

The Beloit half of the 6th saw the P. Knights facing lefty pitcher Aidan Burgess, and being set down.  1,2,3.

Its now or never for the Regents, and they chose NOW! However, our first two batters, Treichel and O’Flahrity were retired.  The fans, who were now starting to shiver as the sun was setting, were pondering whether they might be hypothermic during extra innings as darkness set in and the lights were turned on.  The Regents were not planning on letting their parents freeze.  No way.  Charlie Met was plunked by a pitch, that ricocheted off his backside nearly to the outfield, taking one for the team.  Pinch Runner Sam Mohoney came through with a theft of second base, sliding in well ahead of the throw.  Game on.  Pinch hitter Max Hanson then walked, leaving it up to Jens Shager, with two outs.  Shager delivered again.  He smashed a double that scored two more runs, giving him 5 RBI on the day.  He then scored on a single by Nate Millmann who had re-entered.  Another walk by Cotharn and a strike out by Sorensen set the stage for the defensive excitement in the bottom of the 7th.

Utility man Austin Cotharn came in to pitch the bottom of the 7th, in his third position of the game, after starting in CF, moving to 2B, and finally pitching.  Cotharn wanted no part of a long inning.  He deftly retired the Purple Knights in order, with a little help from his friends.

Baseball is a funny game.  The difference from one game to the next can be amazing.  Today was a great team effort.  The effort put forth with two outs should light a fire for future success.  Way to go boys.  Way to go.


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