Game summary

Solid defense and 5 innings of 3 up and 3 down were not enough Tuesday night. West falls to East 2-1.

Pitcher Eli Sorensen went the distance for the Regents, a 6 inning outing in which he faced 4 batters above the minimum.  He allowed 4 hits, 3 walks, 2 runs, and struck out 3.

At the plate, the Regents were led by Centerfielder Austin Cotharn with 2 singles, Third baseman Charlie Met with an infield single, Shortstop Nate Millman with a single, and Eli Sorenson had a single to help his cause as well.

Here is how it went down;

In the top of the first, Cotharn grounded out 4-3, Charlie walked and was caught leaning when the lefty pitcher for East Adrian Montilva threw to pick him off, as he darted toward second.  He was thrown out 1-3-6. Catcher Drake Baldwin flew to centerfielder Cam Cratic for the 3rd out.

In the home half of the first, East started with a single by third baseman Sean Baggot, who was then retired by a fielder’s choice as Cam Cratic beat the throw to first to avoid a double play.  That’s OK, because the next batter for the Purgolders was second baseman Carson Tomony who grounded into a 1-6-3 double play.  What is a Purgolder you ask?  Well it is apparently what you get when you combine PURple with gold.  Purgold. Then you add the “er”.  Um…… yeah.

In our half of the second, Otto Treichel, the DH stuck out swinging, followed by a walk by first baseman Donovan O’Flahrity.  Eli Sorensen then singled to right and the right fielder bobbled allowing Dono to third.  As the shortstop cut off the throw from right and pump faked, Eli bought it.  The pump fake that is, and was picked off at first as the shortstop wheeled and got him.  We had a number of outs on the basepaths this night.  2 outs.  Right fielder Jens Shager walked, stole second, and John Frehner struck out looking to end the Regents’ second.

East came to the plate but left quickly in their second.  Connor Schlicting the left fielder who later came in to pitch grounded out to Millmann, 6-3.  Lance Brightnow their catcher struck out, and Sam Hyman the first baseman walked. As Eli was pitching, Hyman figured that stealing second was on the table.  Drake quickly showed him that he was mistaken.  Caught stealing 2-4.  Out # 3.  Still zip-zip.

West’s third inning started with a Millmann walk, and a single to RF by Cotharn that a diving Tyler Owen could not grab for East.  Millmann had to be careful advancing and had to hustle to make it to second.  A double steal got him to third and Austin to second, when Charlie Met hit a grounder to third.  Nate tried to score but was unsuccessful, thrown out 5-2.  Drake was intentionally walked.  Otto then grounded into a 4-3 double play with their second baseman tagging Drake on his way by.

East liked their third, their only inning where they had more than 4 batters step into the box.  Shortstop(?)  Thorson(?) struck out, but Tyler Owen singled.  Their DH walked as did Baggot.  Owen scored on a passed ball, leaving a runner at third and Baggot at second.  Cratic then came up and singled in the DH.   Baggot stopped at third and Cratic at first.  Cratic was off the base and a pickoff attempt was made by Sorensen.  Baggot broke for home when Donovan O’Flahrity waited, pivoted, and nailed him 3-2. 2 outs. Carson Tomony then singled, stole second, but Schlicting was retired 5-3 for the third out.  2-0 East.

Our fourth inning started with an O’Flahrity walk, a steal of second.  Eli struck out swinging.  Jens Shager grounded out 5-3 advancing a hustling Dono to third. During Frehner’s at bat, a wild pitch careened off the brick facade behind the plate as Dono attempted to score.  The bounce was right back to the catcher who flipped to the pitcher to nail him.  3rd out.  Still 2-0 Purgolders.

Their fourth featured a groundout, a diving grab of a Hyman sinking liner in center by Cotharn, and a strikeout looking by Sam Thorson of East.

Our fifth saw our only run.  Frehner struck out looking, Owen Christenson batted for Millman and grounded out 6-3.  Cotharn then lined one up the middle off the tip of the shortstop’s glove for a single, and was advanced to second on Charlie’s infield single.  Drake walked (this time by actually pitching to him) and Otto followed with a walk to score Austin.  With the bases juiced, O’Flahrity got a bit eager and popped to the second baseman for the third out.  2-1 East.

Their 5th featured 3 groundouts, two to Nate and one to John.

Our 6th was 1,2,3 as well.

Purgolder half of the 6th included a fly out to left, a groundout to short, and a hot shot to Charlie at third which he fired to first for the third out.

Now or never boys.  Top of 7.  Nate Millmann gave us a shot with a lead off single, was balked to second by Schlicting.  Austin flew out to center, Charlie flew out to left as Drake was intentionally walked…again.  Its a strategy, and it worked, but man up and pitch to the ki,d. Oh sorry- was that out loud?  Cameron Cratic came in to pitch to Treichel.  Millmann and Drake stole a base to end up on second and third with 2 outs, but mighty Otto struck out to end the game.

Errorless defense, but our baserunning blunders sealed our fate.  We’ll be back.  Count on it.

Next game is Thursday in Sun Prairie versus the Cardinals.  5 pm start time.



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