Game summary

West falls to Sun Prairie 6-1.

Lets face it.

Blogs are more fun after victories.  But let’s face another thing.  We’re not going to win every game.  We’re going to try to win every game, and when best efforts are put forth by every player on every play, usually victory is the result.

On Thursday night, a blustery evening at Summit Field in Sun Prairie, we were not at our best.  This was not from a physical standpoint, I mean let’s face yet a third thing.  No one who gives half effort stays around very long.

Where we fell short in this game is that we were not mentally strong at the plate, nor did we communicate well in the field on cut-off plays, focus or think ahead on the bases.   These young men know this.  They know.  This is where a pause for a deep breath can bring about a calming, re-focusing moment to allow for the thinking ahead about what could happen next.

Our efforts included a grand total of 3 hits off freshman pitcher Joe Hauser.  First was an RBI double by 3B-P Charlie Met in the first inning that brought in our only run.  P-3B Otto Treichel had a single in the first, and 2B John Frehner had a single in the 6th.

We had two fielding errors, but only one run scored as a result of these.

We had a number of mental errors, and two runs scored as a result of these.  Sometimes a team gets beat, and sometimes a team beats itself.  This was a little bit of both.

On the bases, we erased two of our possible runs with blunders.  Although I am not a mathematician, this could have been a 3-3 game.  They earned only 3 of their runs, as we gave them 3 of their runs while subtracting two of our potential runs.  As I have mentioned many times, baseball is a fickle game.  It’s not a kind game.  It is wrought with episodes of failure.  It’s not for the weak.  It requires 100% effort from a physical, mental, and communicative standpoint at all times.  Deficiencies in any category will haunt all teams.

Otto Treichel went 3 and 2/3 innings giving up 5 hits, 2 sacrifice flies, 6 runs, and one walk. Charlie Met was next, going 2 and 1/3 scoreless innings, giving up one walk, one hit by pitch, and no hits.                                                                                                                              David Grunder pitched the bottom of the 6th, with one ROE (reached on error) and two pop outs.  The runner who ROE was nailed by Drake Baldwin on a 2-6 caught stealing.

All losses should be a learning experience, in baseball and in life.  Take a second to pause and take that deep breath.  It will bring you the focus you need to examine your situation, and come back at it with your best effort.

Next opportunity: Tuesday April 25 vs Janesville Craig at Mansfield @ 5 PM.  – They were scouting us from the stands during this game in Sun Prairie as they were rained out vs Memorial.  Let’s surprise them with our best.




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