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Parlez-vous Francais? Lancers down Regents.

The 12-4 Madison West Regents went up against the 1-15 LaFollette Lancers late Thursday night at the Duck Pond.  I knew going into this game that LaFollette was and is a much better team than their record suggests.  They proved this by downing the Regents 5-1.

On the mound for the Lancers was Lucas Trebian.   In French, “very good” is tres bien. Indeed he was.  He went 6 innings, walking only one, hitting one, and allowing only 4 hits.  He struck out 8 Regent batters.  He has a decent fastball, and was able to get ahead in the count, putting the batter at a disadvantage by throwing his curve ball for a strike, right down rue principale.  The curveball was moyenne.  It was not particularly difficile de ramasser.

I don’t have time to summarize in detail today, but here’s what I can highlight.  First baseman Donovan O’Flahrity had a single, as did Charlie Met, who had another nice game at third base. Centerfielder Eli Sorensen had a single and two stolen bases during the same trip around the bases.  John  Frehner led the Regents at the plate with two singles.

Aiden Burgess started on the mound for West and held the Lancers in check for the first and second innings, setting them down in order.  One earned run scored in the third, and the second run that inning was unearned.  Two more runs were unearned in the 4th when we hustled hard to make a play but threw the ball away….twice….on the same play….but that is what going all out is all about.  Sometimes, that is going to happen.  Its better when it happens when you are up by 4 than down by 4, and of course much easier to shake off!  Shake it off, shake it off.

Aiden finished with two strikeouts, 2 earned and 3 unearned runs allowed, on 7 hits, walking only one.

Otto Treichel went from designated hitter to designated pitcher after Aiden.  He allowed no runs and struck out 4 Lancers, allowing two hits and walking one.

We had a nice double play in the field on a liner to Austin Cotharn at short, a pickoff from catcher Drake Baldwin to nail the runner at first, and a nice 1-6 tag double play carried out by O’Flahrity and Cotharn.  We had a near spectacular right field dive by Tommy Hill, who came up short by about a foot as another run scored.

That’s all the time I’ve got for today, gotta go play ball myself!  We’ll see y’all in Fort on Saturday.  Regents don’t stay down for long!

PS – LaFollette is French for ….the Follette.  Class dismissed!


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