Game summary

Strong start, but stronger foe. West falls to Sun Prairie 7-3.

On an evening that started hot, and ended cold, the West Regents did the same.  I had hoped that once during my tenure as a West Regent parent, we would knock of Sun Prairie at least once.  After the first inning, I had a feeling, much like the Black Eyed Peas,  that tonight’s gonna be a good night, that tonight’s gonna be a good good night.  But by the end of the evening, Imma Be singing a different tune.  Probably something by Celine Dion.

Here is how it went down:

In the first, We Got It Started uh huh, we got it started in here.  Starting Pitcher Eli Sorensen pitched a scoreless first as the Cardinals left two on base,  and when we came to the plate, we were ready for starting Sun Prairie pitcher Carson Holin.  CF Austin Cotharn started with a walk.  RF Tommy Hill doubled down the third base line afterward.  Catcher Drake Baldwin grounded to second, knocking in Cotharn and advancing Hill to third.  3B Otto Treichel hit a Sacrifice Fly to right to score Hill.  With two outs, Donovan O’Flahrity singled.  Eli grounded to second but their second baseman Joe Hauser let it go off of his glove into right field, and O’Flahrity advanced to third.  While 2B John Frehner batted, Sorensen took off to steal second.  As they went to make a play on him in the run down, O’Flahrity took off to home and they were not going to catch him.  He made it home while Sorensen stayed in the run down so that his teammate could score.  Nice job Eli.  Nice job Dono.  3-0 Regents!

In the second, Sun Prairie got two back on a single by Luke DePrey, the left fielder, a double by Holin, a single by Jack Zander their first baseman.  J. Hauser hit a sac fly to score Holin.  3-2 West.

Taylor Jansen came in to throw the second through 5th for the Cardinals.  Jansen brings the heat, and has a nice changeup too.  He allowed a single to Charlie Met who manned first base today.  That’s all we came up with this inning.

The third inning for SP started with a single by DH Ben Hauser up the middle.  Alex Oakley the centerfielder did the exact same thing, past the glove of Nate Millmann at short for West.  Catcher Ty Hamilton sacrifice bunted the runners over, and then De Prey hit a sac fly to left to score Hauser.  Holin then singled to right field, and Tommy Hill made a strong throw to the cutoff Met, who wheeled and threw to Drake to nail Oakley at the plate.  3-3 tie.

Our third was a 1-2-3.

They snuck another one back in the top of the fourth.  Zander singled, and J. Hauser hit into a fielders choice that saw Zander nailed at second 4-6.  Leadoff man and shortstop Walker Jenkins then hit a high pop foul over third base which was deftly fielded by Otto Treichel with an over-the-shoulder grab that wowed the crowd.  Third baseman JP Suchomel singled to score J. Hauser and advanced to second on the throw to the plate.  Ben Hauser then flew out to center.  4-3 Cardinals.

Our fourth inning saw Jansen continue to cruise.  Dono, Eli, and John went down in order.

The top of the fifth saw them sneak another run.  Austin Cotharn was now pitching, with Eli moving out to Centerfield. Austin yielded a single to Oakley, and he was bunted over by Ty Hamilton.  DePrey grounded to the pitcher, moving Oakley’s pinch runner who shall remain nameless as I do not have his name, to third.  Holin knocked him in with his third hit of the evening.          5-3 Sun Prairie.

The bottom of the 5th for the Regent 9 featured a bit of fire.  DH Donavan Parker was hit by a pitch that nicked his shoulder.  Sam Mohoney came in to run for him.  Charlie reached on an error.  Quinn Burgess came in to run for him.  Cotharn bunted them over.  Hill popped to second, and Baldwin hit an absolute laser to shortstop, to end the threat.

In the 6th, Sun Prairie did not score.  Cotharn induced a fly out to center, and walked Jenkins.  Suchomel then hit into an interesting fielders choice, blooping to right where a hustling Hill gathered the ball, and fired toward second.  He overthrew a bit, but Nate Millman was ready, backing up the play and he flipped to Frehner for a 9-6-2 out at second base.  You won’t see that every day.  Ben Hauser then walked.  Cotharn gave way to Otto Treichel on the mound, and moved to short.  Millmann went over to third.  Otto greeted Oakley with a hit by pitch, but Oakley did little to dodge the ball.  In all honesty, he leaned into it a bit.  But, Mr Umpire did not see it this way.  No problem, Otto got Hamilton to fly out to Millmann in foul ground at third for the final out.  Still 5-3 bad guys.

The bottom of the 6th for the Regents was exciting for a few moments.  Otto walked. Taylor Jansen was then replaced by Taylor Middaugh.  Donovan O’Flahrity greeted him with a double to the right-center gap.  Game on!  This advanced Otto’s pinch runner Quinn Burgess to third.  Eli struck out, and Frehner worked an 0-2 count to a walk.  Donavan Parker struck out looking, and Charlie Met struck out swinging to end the inning.  Still 5-3.

In the top of the 7th, the Cardinals sealed the deal.  DePrey was struck by a pitch that he did not dodge much either.  Holin followed with a bunt single for his fourth hit of the night.  Zander doubled to score DePrey and Holin.  J. Hauser flew to right and Zander was nearly nailed trying to tag and go to third, but the strong throw from Hill bounced off of him and he was safe.  On the next play however, he was retired on a fielders choice off the bat of Jenkins, with Nate Millman firing a strike to Drake to get Zander out.  Suchomel flew to right to end the Sun Prairie inning.  7-3 Cards.

That is how it would end, as the Regents managed a walk by Drake and a single by Otto that got him to third, where he would remain.

Final score 7-3 Sun Prairie over West.  Cue Celine.  My Heart Will Go On.  And so will the Regents.  We need to have a short memory, and come out swinging vs Oconomowoc tomorrow night at 5 PM at the cozy confines of Mansfield “Stadium” .

We need confidence.  We need to get our collective swerve on.

From the Australian Slang dictionary: To Get One’s Swerve On: “a compliment of skill. If you are about to get your swerve on then you are confidently preparing to enter the conflict. If you got your swerve on it means you accomplished something skillfully”.

G’day mate.  See you Friday.





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